"A boy admiring a pretty girl. A rare thing to be certain. But love -- true love -- is something else."

Done with A Kiss in Time by Alex Finn, I have found many sweet quotes. One of them is the qoute above. It was said by Malvolia, the witch who spell the princess fall asleep.

True love is something else. I like that. Furthermore Marvolia says that true love would look a second time. True love would not be thwarted.  True love would not accept no for an answer. He would search the world and certainly look again and again in every cottage in the kingdom until he find the princess.

Yeah again. It because the seventeen years old young man who kiss the princess did not wish to marry that sixteen years old princess because he was from the twenty-first century.

Marvolia thought that the young man might be not the princess' truly love. He merely some youth who stumbled upon the princess and thought her pretty. So Marvolia put him on a test again. LOL, that is the funny modern version of  Sleeping Beauty.

OK, this is my chosen quote for this week.  What's yours? See the rules on Half-Filled Attic ya. Have a nice weekend  ♪(´ε` )